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14 Days Over the Sea

Here is another unforgettable adventure for my life and I reaffirm that the strength of gratitude for absolutely everything and being able to see only the positive side of things will lead you to live the best experiences, always attracting the best for your life. You know that I love my work and that fortunately it makes me experience unique and special moments. This time I was taken to the Mediterranean Sea for 14 days, the longest photo shoot of my life.

The idea of ​​being at the sea with 5 thousand people was something that never crossed my mind, and here comes the universe and makes me this gift. It is not my style for holidays, but I consider myself to be lucky because I had the possibility to  live this unknown reality by doing what I love most.  Working with a big team and very intense schedules but find everyone with a soft energy willing to adapt to everything that was possible for all to be well is really pleasurable, GRAZIE RAGAZZI! And all this being inside a ship with many people and in full operation was truly a surprise. You may be able to think that being out of the land enclosed in a boat might be oppressive, but everything can be charming if you look on the bright side. Waking up every day before the sunrise and having the opportunity to contemplate the Sun God with all its greatness was undoubtedly one of the best memories I made there and still danced whenever possible before starting my day as a ritual. Can I say: who "dances" scares away his woes? Dancing in the mornings will leave your day completely different :) Watch and enjoy the sky at night and see the full moon from the balcony of my room lighting the sea with its waves that looked glistening, wow !!!! Feeling the force of nature as a high tide rocks the ship and once again recognize that we are only a small part of our surroundings compared to all the greatness of Mother Nature. Living this moment and saying: I LOVE MY LIFE! Thank you! 

The words I chose as a description for this experience were "open-minded." I always recognized myself as an open person with a mentality a little different from other people, to be honest I would say very different but only there I realized that being an open-minded person is not just do everything you want, or express yourself as you prefer. But it's also being able to attract people who will open up to you, feel comfort and thus let everything goes with the flow and like this creating good vibrations. Someone who does not judge or accept you as you are can be something we need to find more often in this society. Of course it became a life goal to be able to inspire people to see life in a better way and find happiness in small things. Being human is what sets us apart from other creatures, but are we going to do this correctly? So, more love please, self-love, compassion for others, dissolve the ego, avoid judgments is what makes us human. Stop, observe and recognize that always, always and always there is a positive side to everything. You can complain about being closed on a ship or enjoy a infinity of things, just get out of your comfort zone, be grateful. The most unusual and unlikely things will take you to another dimension when you begin to see them with the eyes of your Soul and you will recognize that all is well! Our Soul needs real connections. I can not exist every day without this, I do not want to complain, point to the defect of others and infect all those around me, I want to make everyone come to recognize the phenomenon of being positive and through it to create blessings  for your life and if something must be contagious that would be happiness. You are the result of your actions where there is good energy the good vibes will come automatically.

Jackie :) 

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