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A Paradise Called Garda Lake

Traveling is possibility that you receive in order to get to know yourself. At first it may seem that it is just creating memories that will be remembered in the future and spending some fun time out of your house. All of my travels experiences only took me to one place: My truly self! It is through new experiences in different parts of the world that I got to know more and more about myself. When I am traveling I feel a powerful connection with our planet. It's as if the Earth was communicating with me through everything at each  place I've visited. I like to observe the architecture and create stories in my head of how each city was established in the past and today we still enjoy this beauty. ​ Italy is one of my favorite destinations for holidays but also where my family lives and it's always good to be with your dearest ones. Five days with lots of love, positive energy, sports, being connected with nature. Oh, what nature! Meditating and thanking for all the good things that are happening to me and for the ones that will arrive.

"More grateful you are more reasons you will have to be grateful for."

Jackie ☺️

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