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A Message of Love - Happy 2016

There is a force that understands and manages all the other things, what lies behind all phenomena, such as our existence. This force operates in the universe, which may not have been identified by all of us. This force is Universal Love. Love is the creation, light, hope, companionship, happiness, gratitude, solidarity. The basis of everything. There is not coincidence. The fact that you are here reading this is because of love. This powerful energy that can transform and heal everything. Love is the last and only answer. Love is not only abstract but, actual energy, or spectrum of energies, you can create and maintain in your being. Just loving, you are touching your inner God. Feel and express love. For this this holiday season I wish you love, no less and no more. Only love. A person to survive just needs love. Yes,  you can even tell me that I'm wrong about this, but I think this is right, because that's what I believe, it is MY truth. What's yours? When I say love, I’m not talking about people who you say love, objects and things you like. I'm talking about unconditional love, which exists only when it is born from the spirit. When you understand, or rather, when you feel, only then you will understand the true meaning of life. Have you ever talked with yourself?  how happy and grateful you are to "be yourself"? Have you ever stopped to think if your thoughts are being directed to good things? Have you noticed your acts in relation to other people and other creatures? Where do you come from? What is your real nature? Forget the standards set by our society and let's instead  turn and seek inwards . Listen to your inner voice, get to know thyself. Please, understand your fears, this way you will be able to dissolve them. Deep inside, you know what you want, you just fell asleep and forgot your true essence. But I’m here to remind you: Wakeup! Value what you do, if it’s not what pleases you most look for a  change and gradually approach that which completes you. You will not find anything out there, the answer to every question, the remedy for all the fears and insecurities are there, inside of you. And what do you do to reach that? Just being yourself, self-love. I’m not saying it's easy, because I've been through this process. And is not instantaneous. But when you let yourself be guided by this miraculous energy will have no choice. When you love, the fears disappear, you forgive others and yourself. You get to see everything with your own perspective. Guilt, anger, they are manifestations of insecurity. Dissolve these feelings with forgiveness and love.  We are all heavenly, mediums, and gurus. God is within us. We must express our divinity and our love with good deeds, how about starting with yourself? Thank you for being here sharing this moment with me, I wish you a Happy New Year filled with much love!!!

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