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Annette Larkins

Having a lifestyle based on love, it was the most rewarding thing that ever happened to me. Love for my body, animals and our planet. I do not want to convince anyone to follow me, or say that the lifestyle of others is wrong. I think it would be selfish of me not to pass the benefits of this lifestyle ahead so that others can have the same experience that  I am experiencing. Sharing is also a demonstration of love.

One of the people who inspired me for this lifestyle was Annette Larkins, she has been a raw vegan for  more than 27 years and she is  73 years old but looks like a 35 year old would! . It may not be a very conventional lifestyle, but once you get on board and get used to it,  it becomes something normal. Besides the health benefits, a plant-based diet can be the key to vitality and anti aging. Eating raw vegan food will make you live forever! (I'm kidding 😜), but the benefits are truly impressive. Lastly,  I mention all this not only to delay aging and keep your more youthful appearance than your true age would appear, but also to give you the health to live and enjoy your life. Check out this video and be inspired!

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