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Believe in Your Own Magic

We are not in competition with others. We have our path. The others have their own. There is no race, only a group journey to the light of awareness.

Why are people jealous? I believe that envy is present in all sectors, especially in my profession. Some people say that there is good and bad envy. What I have understood by envy is that the person who feels it, wants to be or wants to have something that the other person has. So I think that this can not be considered as good.

I think this happens because people do not believe in theirselves enough or they are not accepted as they are and consequently this ends up in creating envy.

Nowadays with all the social media we have access to what other people do. Sometimes this is a problem for certain people.

If you think about that we are all fortunate to be here. Simple as it sounds. The time a person loses trying to be another person or desires to have what the other person has will lead into frustration and this is energy loss. Focus on yourself, get inspired by someone but believe in your own magic and accept yourself more. Try to be better than you were yesterday and don’t try to be better than anyone else, because you are unique!

We all were made on the same basis and have the same capabilities. Avoid excuses (and whys and run after what you want) and you will discover infinite possibilities.

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