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Bonjour From Paris

I am so grateful to be able to have a lifestyle where travel is part of my routine; as it happens, it is also my favorite hobby. I spent this last weekend in Paris, a city that I always liked but this time gave me many reasons to instead go from just "like" to fall in love. This time of year also happens to have wonderful weather, making the city even more beautiful.

I was reunited with friends who I had not seen for a long time and met new people who contributed a lot to my knowledge. The city itself, is very beautiful and lovely. All the places I visited had a very good connection, some more than others of course, but Paris this time was very special. I have a habit of always looking on the good side of everything, I think that turns your surroundings and then your world.

Generally, many people I know when they travel they are always focused on the fame that the place has. And everyone says  that the French people can be arrogant and etc, but for me it's quite the opposite. They are super friendly and very polite, and  being a woman, there is nothing better than to be walking on the street in peace without men stopping to hit on you, honking their horns in their cars or yelling lewd things. So if  you  are woman you know what I mean especially if you live in Spain like me. Also, side-note, men who do this, please stop! it's not cool.

It is quite funny that in most of my travels I have only good things to tell. Maybe because I just  look at the good things and it make any trip becomes a magical experience. Remember: What you offer to the world, the world gives back to you. Then offer smiles and kindness.  I am proud of my energy and it  makes me attract  unique experiences into my life, especially when traveling. People who I may only see once in a lifetime but that marked me in some way and I may have also marked their lives.

In the world, we currently only see people in a hurry, running out of time and forgetting to live. Not many caring about others. I realized that this world needs charity, but I don't mean only to give money, donate food or clothing to those in need. Stopping and listening to the problems of someone who comes to you for an unknown reason is also charity, but that charity is love. Listening to an old man with whom the family  doesn't seem to have no more patience for his stories of his youth is also charity, and this charity is kindness. Laughing with a child who is looking at you is also charity, this charity is friendliness. Give example. Gentleness generates gentleness that is the most certain rule that I know of.

I leave you here some pictures of this wonderful weekend. Do not expect to see photos of the Eiffel Tower or any other tourist spot of Paris, if you following me here you know that these things are not what most attracted me on a trip. I travel to see the world differently, to get to know and to connect with people that in the long term also contribute to my self-knowledge.

Merci París

Jackie 💗

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