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Copenhagen The Coolest City

Denmark, the happiest country on Earth is the 34th country that I visited and I consider Copenhagen to be one of my favorite cities in Europe. Traveling will always be my addiction, I do not get tired because every trip is like changing the clothes of the soul. Out of all the Nordic countries I have visited, this is the coolest! There really is a contrast because the place offers you all the organization and facilities of a first world country but it has a very good energy and everything here is cool, you feel free completely.

Danish people are really educated! I can say that what I liked the most here were the people. Absolutely everyone speaks English, you will have no problem with communicating. If you still do not speak English, it's time to start traveling to learn :) You who travel a lot know that when it comes to being in a group where you are the only foreigner you will spend hours without understanding because nobody cares to speak a language for you to understand even when they speak English. Danes get over that, the people I used to hang out make a point of speaking English, even when I was the only foreign in the tribe. Is may be only me, or is happens to everyone in Denmark? If so, then I'm proud of what I'm giving to the world because I'm receiving the best!

Their lifestyle is eco friendly like it is in Amsterdan, here the bicycles are the main transportation method, no matter the climate the people here like to pedal. The city streets are extremely clean. The parks are frequented for picnics and even during the night, I found it very interesting to see people arriving in the park around 8pm with everything ready to cook.

And speaking of food. My vegan experience was marvelous, many restaurants are focus on vegetables. Everything here has high quality, organic and the way they prepare the food is really what makes the difference. They are extremely creative when it comes to cooking. I always say that a good chef is what can make a vegan dish with just plain vegetables become something high end and unforgettable. It is very easy to add a cheese or any other animal derivative in a recipe and it looks tasty but let a simple vegan dish does not leave your head by the impact and delicious taste, for me it is the great goal for a chef. And here it works like this, they do magic with vegetables.

In Copenhagen I visited incredible places, historical monuments, museums, went to Helsingør where is the Castle of Kronborg or Castle of Hamlet that transports you to a world of fantasy, art and culture and this is what is not missing in this city, I visited the tomb of Danich writer H.C.Andersen, the Copenhagen cemeteries has good energy and people attend as any park. Hans was a writer who was part of mine and the childhood of many people, I'm sure you know the story of "The ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid among others.

A place called Christianian, a world apart in Copenhagen, that leaves you without knowing for sure where it is. It's one of the coolest places I've ever visited. There you have the freedom to do and be whatever you want. You can not visit Copenhagen without visiting Christianian, and its innovative market on Pusher Street. People from all over the world attend and everyone is in love with the vibe.

At every city I visit I receive or learns something that I carry with me my whole life. Copenhagen taught me that discipline does not always have to be synonymous with boredom. Living in a country where all things work, and that people know how to have fun, are free and authentic is what makes it a special place. The simplicity and great hospitality of the Danes are what make this place so cool!

Tak Copenhagen!

Jackie 😊🇩🇰

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