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We are all human but  having an attitude of  "human being", with the true essence, only a few possess. Living on this planet with such a variety of species, and having a consciousness does not make us superior. The idea of ​​having been provided with the conscience and understanding was for us to use. But not abuse. Thanks to the internet today we have the necessary and enough information about what actually happens in this capitalist industry in which we contribute consciously or unconsciously to the slaughter of animals. Open your eyes or better, open your heart, put yourself in the place of another living being, that just as you  has heart and  also feels joy and much pain when it is sacrificed to be your food. If there were not enough vegetables for our consumption I could even try to understand, but it there are, then why? Review your beliefs. Of all the animals that exist... each of them as well as you and I have the right to be here.

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