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Dorina x Jackie Eco Collection

I am very happy to share with you my collaboration with Dorina, a collection made 100% Eco - Dorina x Jackie - Is a collection designed for women by women.

“Call it eco fashion if you like, but I think is just commom sense.”

We all have dreams... working as a model, I always dreamed of having a collection that represented me and respected the environment. Being able to participate in the creation of this collection was a gift.

I have been working with Dorina for 5 years and after I officially became their ambassador I asked them a question:

How do we give back to Mother Nature?

And the answer is here! In addition of Dorina x Jackie collection, Dorina have changed the entire brand directive and today they are producing ecological collections of bikini and lingerie. Besides change the packaging system, recycled labels, and producing fabrics with plastic bottles. Words wouldn't be enough to show how grateful I'm for this initiative, Thanks Dorina!

How important it is to follow our ideals and dreams. A few years ago I decided to choose better the brands that I was working with and lots of agencies and people I work with said it was crazy to put my career at risk and lose the opportunity to make money just for the planet. But as always I follow my intution and now days we can see how big the sustainable fashion has become.

When you commit to what you believe with great passion, you end up inspiring others.

Check the images from my collection shot in in my beloved Brazil which it jungles was the inspitation when designing the Dorina x Jackie collection.

Jackie :)

Photos by Grabriel Valadão @gabrielvaladaoph


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