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Earth Day

Have we forgoten that we are part of Mother Earth?

We have been talking about saving and preserving the planet Earth for so long and in my opinion, we forgot the most important thing. Connection! To reach the level of awareness is the biggest sign of evolution for human beings. Understanding that you, me, and every living being in here, is what makes up planet Earth as our home, that is a big task. For this awareness to happen we need to evolve through a Deep Connection with Mother Earth to awake.

To understand our connection with Mother Earth you should know that humans share genes with all living organisms. Plants and humans share the same DNA.  A gene in one species might serve a different purpose in another species. So we have a common destiny.  First, it comes the purification state which can be the moment we are in now, self-isolation to review our actions and act wisely in the near future. Big changes will happen and I'm not afraid because it is part of the evolution.

Climatic changes will always happen. The planet is alive and also undergoing transformations. Understanding that we are the ones who need to evolve and contribute to what we can is the minimum of gratitude to offer Pachamama for belonging to this wonderful life cycle.

We still have time! The change comes through the value we take in being more aware of our actions.

Happy Earth day!

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