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El Amor - Through My Eyes

Amor (love) in Latin "a-mors" means "without death". In other words, eternal, endless, that which never stops and is constant. I feel that we humans still don't understand exactly what love is. For millennia we have been giving the idea of ​​a possible form of communication the name of love, the "making love" that does not have the greatest meaning with what is true love. So imagine love as a tree. Each tree needs its own process to produce fruit. Seeing love as conscience, we promote communication to generate fruits that in us human beings would originate the process of creation for life. Life is love!

An intimate relationship without a conscience is all that is generating the kind of physical love that I like to associate with taste. Imagine a diet of only one food, the first day you will be fine, the second day you will be able to survive and the third day you will be fed up with the same. And it can happen with love without conscience. We get tired, we change our taste, we want to try new foods.

Falling in love is the first biological energetic process for the expansion of the being, followed by "being in love" which requires balance to understand the potential of this feeling. In balance, the individual begins to "feel love" and as a consequence begins to "love" and it is here where we understand freedom.

We romanticize the idea of ​​love for intimate relationships and most of the time it is the relationship between two open souls, willing to share an idea of ​​life, affection, a pure encounter, share their truths ... It could be what we call friendship that comes from love. Living oriented to love, either with actions and awareness, creates a strengthening of your essence. Ideas shape the rhythm of your heart, it is useless to feel butterflies in your belly, you must clear your mind of prejudices and be free to experience this powerful pulse that is love, so you can live the soul connections.

You do not want to impale yourself with something that only captivates you in a physical or mental aspect so that you can later discard it as an unnecessary object. We are already at a stage where we can enjoy our consciousness by recognizing ourselves as beings capable of going beyond just sharing an experience, but of integrating what all that experience means.

Love and life are the same! Life is multiplied by love. Observing what happens inside you, understanding what drives you, examining feelings with interest in what love is, does not have to remove the romanticism and emotion of feeling love, but it helps us to understand that love goes beyond a beautiful idea but a mechanism and energy that helps us align our mind with the universe.

Do you want to search for a soul mate? Okay. But invest in finding your soul first, that connection will have the potential to lead you to love.

Jackie Almeida

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