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First Time in Mexico

"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in the pages of a passport."

Travel! The joy of my life. I Visited Mexico for work at the first time and I was in Riviera Maya, it is a tourist area that is in Quintana Roo. I'm kind of suspicious to speak of Mexico because I was always in love with the culture, food, people and everything that comes from there. Mexico brings me to my childhood, all the people in my age group in Brazil grew up watching children's programs and the famous Mexican soap operas. Nowadays I do not watch TV, but being there was like stepping back in time. All the places I've visited around the world always landed me something, Mexico offered me purity and good vibes. People are very nice, simple, with good energy and respect, even in the most tourist places they have a different way of approaching you that I really liked. The cuisine is one of my favorites, I love spicy food, and I was very happy to eat like  them, only I was a little disappointed with the guacamole since I still prefer mine ;). The variety of vegan restaurants that you can find anywhere really impressed me. There were many delicious Vegan choices available besides delicacies like coconut water and delicious tropical fruits. Animals like the Iguana and the coati and others live free, it's great to see them living in their natural habitat. The beaches have white and fine sands just the way I like it. My favorite place was Tulum. Is the archaeological area with the Caribbean sea blue turquoise water, as tourist attractions you will find several cenotes, and  the ruins of Cuba. I even had time to do some snorkelling as well. And it was amazing to swim with the sea tortoise. If you have time to stop to connect with nature - this is definitely the place. Tulum is magical! Has a reserve called Sian Ka'an this in Maya means "Gate of Heaven" - where the sky begins. This name makes sense, the peace that this place exudes and the vibe that I felt should be very similar to what we callparadise.

"The best things in life are not things."

And so now I ask, what do you think about this destination?

Jackie 💗

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