• Jackie Almeida

Great Dictator Speech (Charlie Chaplin)

"I have many problems in my life. But my lips do not know - They are always smiling". Charlie Chaplin ​ Today I am sharing this work of art coming from the talented and unparalleled Charlie Chaplin. A truly inspiring speech of the American film "Great Dictator" where Chaplin wrote, directed, produced and starred. The most interesting part is that this film is from the year 1940. And when you watch it matches perfectly with our present society. How long will we continue to ignore the meaning of "human being"? The need for such qualities as kindness and gentleness are what we need now. Charlie expresses its desire for equality, regardless of religions and ethnicities. We have the power to create happiness and freedom. Everything is in our hands, we can choose between peace or war. Remembering that peace begins within us and the change will only happen after that. ​ You must Watch it! If you agree with me, be sure to put a Like and share, get inspired and inspire someone else. 


"If you free your mind of what disturbs

 your soul, you gonna walk in this world

free of everything that can stop you

from being yourself."


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