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Happy Women's Day

Women are our first step of education, they are the first school. They know about the mysteries of creation as they give rise to life and it is through them where it all begins.

Woman represents nature. The miracle of conceiving life in her womb is the force of creation. The purity, sweetness, femininity, intuition, wisdom, understanding, compassion, and a thousand other adjectives that I could mention here, are those that make the woman the most special creature of our existence. They are always considered as the weaker sex, but only being a woman could you understand that of fragility we have nothing, we are strong. Even with all of our weaknesses and lack of understanding, all of us-independent of culture. We want one thing: love.

This world is not, and has never been easier for women. We have always been fighting for our rights in order to get into this world which is so masculine. We want you to listen to us, whether through our achievements, protests or our pain. Right now there are millions of women who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, girls losing their childhood are forced to get married in the Middle East, teenagers who are abducted and subjected to be sex slaves. Until when?

All this affects us directly or indirectly. No matter where we come from,  all we want is love and to be loved. Whatever affects one, affects all of us, because we have this natural instinct to protect each other.

Apart from all these facts we have to deal in our day to day with insecurities in pursuit of perfection to become the perfect woman for husbands, boyfriends, family, work and our society in general. All this plastic world that forces us to be who they wanted us to be  is so  wrong, and we should not follow it. Our true nature is already in itself perfection. Do not try to please others, try to please yourself.

Often I see middle-aged women who are desperate, because they are no longer young and they think that they have lost their skills for their personal and professional achievements. I see also young women who are desperate for thinking that they are not accepted as living in an artificial world where the likes on instagram are more important than the actual feelings.

It is extremely sad, because the time will pass and they will reach a stage where they regret the time invested in these superfluities and not having lived. We are here for that. One thing I learned in my journey, that no matter how you seek perfection you will always have someone that tells you that what you did was not enough, it was not beautiful enough or missing this and that…

Do not waste time with this! Live your life fully, enjoy being a woman, possessing skills that only we have!

"A beautiful woman is not the one who is praised by physical beauty, but one whose entire soul is of such beauty that leaves no other possibility other than admiration."

Jackie 💗

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