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Happy Working Day

I am very grateful for my job, being a model for me was to make true a second dream that is to travel around the world and to learn other languages, cultures - to connect with people from everywhere.

However, it is important to keep in mind that when you see the photos of campaigns you're only seeing the last result. But I want to give you more details. Remember, that I am referring to models like me, not top models who are famous and known worldwide. Common models, who are only on the way of pursuing their dreams.

Do not think I'm being negative, quite the contrary, I am proud of what I have done and much joy to be able to still be working in this profession for so long.

As I mentioned before, the pictures of the wonderful campaigns, fun tv commercials in amazing places is the last part. I will say that is the dessert. Before all this, there is a long road to be traveled.

It all starts with being accepted by an agency. I always wanted to be a model since I was a child, when I was 16 I started to try to work  in my country, Brazil, but I only heard no. Until one day, when I left my country found an open door: I was accepted at an agency in Argentina. From there comes all the training that is needed. Being new face model you will need material in your portfolio to get jobs. You will have to maintain a healthy appearance and be fit. Insecurities are many because it is all new, and usually do not have anyone to help and advise you. Most of the agencies  usually are only concerned with making money and you are just another product to sell. I started modeling at a good age, so I had my character being formed, that helped me to guide me through this. I see young girls who are starting now and I really worry because they are lost. Parents! Please do not let your children start modeling so early, wait until they have a little more confidence in themselves and in life, before getting into this career. Here you have competition and ego, everyone wants to be the alpha and omega and forget to take their career with feets on the ground. I've seen many models starting so early with big success and when it comes the time of lean they could not stand by excessive ego, leading to frustration and giving up the career.

Well, the time of the lean does exist. It's all very unpredictable, sometimes you get a month working nonstop and suddenly no castings and no jobs. It's important to be balanced. There is a time for everything, if you are starting now, relax. If this work is exactly what you want to do and you believe in your potential everything will work. Believe in your magic!

I think that most people who have other work could not work as a model even for 1 day. Imagine you go to a casting with other 100 people and the client choose only one person from your profile. Can you imagine? Okay, not all the casting have 100 people but it is always a good amount of people. Your chances of getting the job are 1 in 100. Some say it's luck when you get a job, I believe it is the universal law you will get it must be for you. Usually we go to several castings a day during the week and sometimes you do not get any jobs at all. Tough right? It is always like this. Also, you do not get paid to the castings. This is our routine, day after day.

In addition to the castings you must compete with several models. I always remember places like Cape Town, Milan and Istanbul when casting begins at 10:00 am you arrive at 10:30 am and your  number is 350 you stand there waiting hours in order to get your time and have 30 seconds, one minute to perform, improvise and give the best to get the job. You have to be prepared to speak other languages ​​to be able to get along. When the casting is fashion the client take a look at your book, and they are usually very honest, not very polite most of the times,  some evil or not even look in your face, and others even make some comments: - You are not tall enough. You are not that beautiful. Your  hair is too curly. Your color is too dark. You are fat... And even worse. I always laugh at these comments, and they laughed with me and often even changed their minds and chose me for the job .Being yourself is important if you plan to be a model take it into consideration. I know my potential and I know for what I can and what can not. But some comments are cruel. This work is open to criticism but a little respect to us is never too much. We spent hours waiting and at the least we would like to be treated well. Many people lose their self esteem completely after going through experiences like that.

I always took it all in good humour to it does not affect my psychological. I confess that I am only working as model because I insist,  in my career the NOs were many. Besides all the time invested in this whole routine also invested money. Appearance is important, we need beautiful shoes and clothes, because every casting we  must wear different outfits and the way you dress also influences. Hair and makeup should be clean, and the body fit. Over the years if you add up everything you spent with these details you will be shocked, don't do it lol. One advice, when working well, not lavish, save your money to invest in something, but do not spend wildly because you do not know how it will be tomorrow.

Everybody thinks we're millionaires. I will not say that our fees are bad, but there are jobs and jobs. And talking about money... we have this whole process, the daily routine as explained we also have a great time, I am very grateful for each job I did, because the effort to achieve is very hard. Once you get the job comes the next step. When you will get paid? In 11 years of career and have been working worldwide to date I have only been in some countries where they pay for a job within a month (as in any other profession). Argentina, Germany and Turkey. If you know any other please, let me know it would be interesting to know. So after all this we still have to wait for 3 or 6 months to be able to receive our payments. Some jobs take even longer to pay. Especially when the agency does not declare bankruptcy and closes, and you are not receiving any compensation. You can ask the help of the agencies, of course yes, they will advance if you have something to receive then they  will add 15% (usually) rate above what you are ahead. They also offer you apartments where you have to share with many models, typically without much comfort or privacy like 4/6 girls in a room, and you have to pay a very expensive rent for it. Each place is different, of course, but its not easy to find the right one. 

What society thinks? We are frivolous, superficial, we have the easy life and we are privileged. Before judging a model literally put our heels and try to do 1/3 of what we do and then you can judge. 

I'm just sharing it because it's true, and I believe a lot of model will agree with me. I love my job and even with all those things I would do it again  in another life. I just want you to be aware and understand how it works. So do not go around saying things that do not match!

Whenever I think of my career what comes in my head are the trips and the results of the work, and this completes me, but it is good to remember from time to time how we are struggling.

I wish you all a happy work day and we can achieve all our goals, because working with what you love is a blessing.

Jackie 💗

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