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Hawaiian Dream

Life is, and will always be the best gift we could receive and my favorite part is to live it positively. Each minute I am experiencing I believe to be creating my reality so for this reason I accept everything as a lesson with good sense of humor and gratefulness. 

This year I have traveled to Hawaii - a destination that I always dreamed about. I chose as the scene for the beginning of my year or to celebrate my birthday as you like to say, being grateful for my wonderful life. Wonderful not because am different than others or have special benefits, simply because I decided to make from my every moment a gift. If this life that we are living is the only thing I have I will enjoy it to the maximum. 

Arriving in Hawaii I learned those words "ike aku. ike mai" that  means: "watch, observe. Was exactly what I did there. I have visited two islands, Maui and Kauai. and could "watch" the magnificence that only Nature can provide. I don't know about you but everything related to Nature and its transformation impresses me and gives me  goosebumps. From all the places that I have already been to, Hawaii has the most exceptional beauty, only in a place I found different types of tree that generally are common only for some climates except there, it's has it all mixed  together.

At the day of my birthday I went for the first time on the top of a volcano. On 10.000 feet the scenery that I  saw were extraordinary. It still in my mind, I think was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I was amazed already on the way to get there. I felt like in a road of clouds. It was like a trip to the "milk way" lol. Literally in the clouds watching the sunset  was the best  way possible to start my new year. Blessed by Nature and it's greatness, everything that I have seen only makes me understand the power that "Pachamama" has about everything, and that  we are only a tiny part of all existence. I will  never forget that "Nature do not needs us, we need Nature."

​ I explored the entire two islands completly. Beyond of the volcano, I did hiking, could refresh myself with the waterfalls, had fun making zipping line at the rain forest, got lost at the bamboo forest,  saw magic from the  helicopter between the waterfalls visibles only from the sky, went to a canyon and more. I ate all the tropical fruits possible found much organic farm. Currently is raining a lot there  but being in a island neither always it rains but not in every places, "observe" leaving  the cloudy raining  north  and arriving  in the south and finding a beautiful  and  sunny day is something that you will constantly find in Hawaii. Take as a tip if you are going at this time of the year. By chasing the sun I could discover the entire Island. Could see the surfers life, a deep  connection  with the sea, let's say a ritual, patients waiting for the perfect wave. When I was a teenage I watched  on TV the surfers competitions  and I confess that I was expecting to  see those giant waves, but the islands that I visited  are not  typically for surf but yet thus could see talented  surfers doing their best. It's also  difficult to find a tide quiet there, always has waves relatively good for surfers. The water is clear and warm, yellow or black sand depending on the area,  but I still preferring the caribbean in that matter. But imagine yourself in a desert  beach taking a sun bath and a giant sea  turtle appears to enjoy the  sun with you. I am not talking about  those tourist tours that mostly abuse the animals to the point of  injecting chips to track them and keep them always in the same  places  as attraction for tourist. You should know that and do not support it. Animals are mean to be free. But there it seems to be common to  see turtles swimming or coming to the beach and not only to leave her eggs, as a matter of fact I am not really sure  if is common but this is what I saw. The animals there are very familiar with humans, If you are going to Kauai be prepared to find chickens by all the places, in the mountains, on the road, forest and even on the beach. 

Another unforgettable trip for my list and another part of my heart left there. Once someone asked me if I want to be rich and obtain  material goods. Watching my life I observe that I am  already rich and I got the best possessions of this world through my eyes. I may not  have or wanted the last Chanel's bag or the last iPhone but I have the knowledge and greatness of this world. Travel is what makes me rich, and it is through my trips that I increase my fortune of knowledge. To travel is to live!

Mahalo (thank you) Hawaii

Jackie 🌴

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