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Traveling is one of my biggest passions. Getting to know other cultures and see the beauty of each place is something that just completes me. This summer I have taken the opportunity to live in one of my favorite places in the world "Ibiza".

Everyone knows that the island is one of the most famous destinations for holidays, the best clubs and DJs in the world. But  a lot of people do not know the other side of Ibiza.

Ibiza has a magical energy that not everyone can understand but for those who are more connected with nature this is visible and very powerful. Some people from  the "white island" often say: "Ibiza chooses you" I do not understand why, but I can assure you that this island feels you,  your energy, and whatever else you want and desire. When it does, I returns it all back to you, but in a much more powerful and intense way.  If you try force things, you will not be able to experience the true magic of this island,  so it is always best to just relax and go with the flow. I have been coming to Ibiza for five years now,  and I can assure you from all my experiences that this is really the way things happen here.

Of the greatest pleasures for me is to get to finally leave work and my super active social life, and delight in the warm and clear waters of Ibiza; the numerous beaches describe the perfection of nature, the cliffs and small coves...  You can choose a beach for every mood you have.

I want to have memories of all the places in the world, Ibiza already gave many exciting ones, have you've been to Ibiza? I would love for you to tell me your experiences with this special island. 

Photos by MuchiGrafía @muchigraphy

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