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Inspiration Leads to Creation

You may know about my passion for the Planet Earth and that I also work as model and it be can be a contradiction since fashion it’s one of the most harmful and polluting industries to the environment.

But I believe me, there are ways to follow your passions and still be loyal to your purpose.

I have been working with Dorina, (fashionable lingerie and swimwear brand) for almost 6 years and in 2018 I became their official brand ambassador.

For most people, it would be just an amazing opportunity but for me, once they offered me the job, my first question was: "who makes my clothes?"

Meaning, is the brand following the human quality standards in the manufacture of its products? With a single question, the idea of launching a collection signed by me made in a 100% ecological way occurred to them.

We had a meeting in Hong Kong about what the collection would be like, and I just can’t control my spontaneous questions and I asked: "we are making an ecological collection, so how do we get back to nature?"

I believe that when we receive something, it is time to give back in any aspect. Just as nature give us everything we need to be alive. There are many environmental organizations that need help and it would be interesting to offer something in return. And they offered!

Thanks to our beloved internet, I suggested an organization located in Minas Gerais, Brazil where I came from. The relationship between Dorina and Iracambi begin- A fashion brand striving for 100% eco and Iracambi - A Center for Conservation and Research in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, whose mission is to Save Forests and Transform Lives.

Dorina had committed to sponsoring 1000 trees in the reforestation project in Iracambi.

Taking care of the environment implies taking care of the next generations that will inherit the planet so the Children from the Young Ecoliders program had their benefit too.

With the motto “Dorina: More and more green”, the team projected an ambitious goal.

They would produce and sell their products in the most sustainable way possible.

The next step was to increase the amount of eco-friendly material in the manufacture of their clothes - and they got a blue sign certificate that implies the reduction of water and energy in the manufacture.

I always heard that I am too spontaneous, emotional, that I feel and express myself in a way that is too much! But I believe that this is the best of who I am. By speaking my truth, by following my intuition and values, good things can happen.

There are many ecological brands and this is wonderful, but if you have the chance to inspire brands or companies that are not eco and they change their production habits, we all win, it is not the illusion of saving the planet that motivates me because who we are before the greatness and power that is the Planet Earth that day by day regenerates itself,

this is more for a human matter of saving ourselves, transforming ourselves and understanding that it is possible to be a little better, that we can be the channel for good things to happen.

Inspiration leads to creation.

And what's best when a brand like Dorina is in the ability to recreate itself since it had not done so since 1968.

If you wanna be part of this great transformation of a brand on the way to go 100% eco, follow Dorina, a brand with super affordable products, that celebrates all types of women, and follow Iracambi, who wants to involve more and more people from all over the world in the passionate work of forming environmental leaders and restoring the forest where you can also donate and be part of this cycle of change.

Thank you Dorina for the change, which is a primordial attitude on the way to transformation.


Jackie :)

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