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It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday!! Another year of life on this wonderful planet that still has much to develop, but as I live in a positive way I’d rather focus on the good things. Many people have told me that I live in a fantasy world and that being positive is not realistic. And I ask: What is better reality than the one that you can create for yourself?

Over the years I'm growing but I never cease to dream, because dreams are my fuel to stay alive. Dream of a world of peace, that is full with happy people living in community, or that I do come from another galaxy? 😂  Every day I wake up and I'm happier, without any particular reason, just happy and eager to live and help and make some difference to this world. Maybe I really am from another planet?!

As years passing by I do not get tired, because I renew myself with every smile I offer to life, every act of love and compassion for all creatures. I am far way to be perfect and I'm either looking for perfection. What I seek every day is to be myself, with all my faults, fears, desires and joys. I want to live and for that I can not waste time trying to be perfect to please others. I'm here to have fun, do what I like, connect with souls and try to contribute the most to our planet.

My biggest present today is to look at my past and to see it as difficult as it has been and that even despite all the circumstances I kept on my way, and I believed in my possibilities and my dreams. Have overcome all kinds of negative energy and obstacles that presented themselves in my journey. With all of these experiences I have acquired the knowledge that everything is possible when you believe in yourself and when you are actually yourself, not someone else. 

For all of you who crossed my way I have to thank you for being here sharing all these moments with me. Thanks for the love.

Happy Birthday to me!!! I hope my joy and love can come to you and make you understand that happiness can be built day by day.

Jackie 💗

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