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It's My Birthday

The other day I was asked who I consider as an example to follow, and this intrigued me because I did not have an immediate answer.

Today is my birthday and all that comes to mind is one of those flashbacks of my life. I see clearly my current reality and everything I've come to get here, all the dreams I had, the ones I'm still struggling to accomplish, projects that never materialized, the countless slaps in the face that life gave me so that I I could learn the best way possible and even with so many bad things that happened in my life I still choose joy as my definition.

A little while ago a model of about 18 years old observed the way I work, my physical characteristics and asked me: "What is your secret?" At the time I did not understand and she added, "You are old and short, how can you be a model and continue modeling for so long?" I gave one of my good laughs and said that I had a super power: Self confidence!

That is when I realized that I am my own exemple, I do not need a role model because my own life story is already an inspiration. Trusting yourself is the most important tool for a person regardless of gender, social class, religion or nationality. The strength I gained from having gone through so many difficulties led me to believe in myself. When you grow up without your parents, without love, with verbal aggression, and be considered as a hindrance to those around you, you have two choices: either seek strength in pain and get overreacted or you let the pain consume you and you become in hatred and happens to be what those who torment you determine. I chose to win and use all my energy to be successful and make my dreams become true.

Today I celebrate my ability to go forward and have forgiven my hard past. I welcome the fact that I am turning obstacles into improvement, I celebrate the life I was given, my dignity and intelligence to continue being better than I was yesterday. Life is not a straight line I like to believe that it goes in spiral form, you have to take many turns, go through the same places at different angles to be able to deepen and reach the center and only there you will understand how important it was everything that happens in your life. So, be grateful, just as I am!

Happy Birthday to me!!!! 

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