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Joshua Tree Awesomeness

My first trip of 2018 took place in this paradise called Joshua Tree. For those who have never heard of it, the Joshua Tree National Park is located in Southern California and it is characterized by rugged rock formations and desert landscapes. It was named after the Joshua tree, which is a native to this park.

It is a splendid scenario! I felt like I was in an abandoned alien city. I came to this conclusion after appreciating the position of the rocks that appear as giant sculptures and for their trees, in their great majority, similar to human forms doing a choreography in the desert.

Mother Nature always surprises me. During the night I had the same feeling as when I went to the Burning Man. It seemed to be inside a bubble, and I felt that the sky was within my reach. "My favorite part of the day is when it becomes night and my favorite part of the night is when it becomes day.

Magical colors between sunrises and sunsets, that just thinking about them again, give me creeps. I moved to the United States and I have barely arrived in California. I went there to give thanks, to connect and be grateful to another personal achievement and to take advantage, to receive all that energy that only nature can transmit, with the aim of being fully charged for everything that this present future awaits me.

Travel! Not only for the fact of going somewhere, but for the addictive feeling that comes with knowledge through the things and places that end up forming what you are. I am the result of everything that I have learned about myself while I’ve been traveling. 

​Jackie :)

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