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Magical Days in Europe

Did you know that if you love yourself enough and be grateful for absolutely everything that you  are and have, your life magically transforms and you go to live in a different way leaving everyone curious speculating and trying to know your secret?

 I will tell you mine, GRATITUDE! Thanking each day, every minute, not only for what I have conquered but for the simple fact of my existence.

I just did a shooting on a Cruise around the Mediterranean Sea just like last year and it was an amazing experience! The fact that you have no expectations for absolutely nothing lets everything flow in the most magical way possible - Yes! I believe in magic!

In the spiral of life we ​​end up going through the same places at different levels of consciousness and knowledge. Life will always take you back to the points you did not fully realize or those points you need to learn something more about. Your task is to realize what life is asking of you, whatever it is, answer that request and move on to the next line of the spiral. Meditation helps! Live in the moment too! Dedicate yourself to the practice of living in the moment, if you are eating, observe how you eat, drink, listening, talking, the way you drive, walk, pedal and if you are not doing nothing observe your breathing, all of it will only guide you to your center - your true self. 

You know of my passion for my work and as a consequence all the things it does for me, the travels and all the people that I meet and end up being part of my life. My work constantly takes me out of my comfort zone and that's where I believe I learn the real lessons of this life. Some jealous people even doubt what I do in all my travels, because it seems too good to be true, do what you love and still have fun while working. Let me tell you something, don’t  do this. You will end up hiding your own light, remember that what you desire for others may come back to you.

Today I am grateful to my old self who has worked for a long time to bring me where I am right now. People sometimes complain a lot and wait for some change in their life, but all of this complaining can actually make all of the things that are happening get worse. Smile more, do things kindly, be patient with yourself, know how to wait for the right moment to act, always thank, even if you are not in the place that you want, you can find simple reasons to be grateful even for the fact the you are breathing :) your energy is what determines where you are and who you are. 

Jackie 🌀 

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