• Jackie Almeida

Marrakesh Dream

This is the result of my last visit to Morocco, a quick view of an attractive country full of culture, colors, flavors and fascinating scenery.

I had the pleasure of working with the American photographer Justin Macala who besides being an excellent photographer, he also is an adorable person and someone who lets everything flow naturally. If you follow Justin's work on Instagram you already know that he always chooses the best locations leaving his trademark feature in every click where everything is in tune, practically a frame.

There were only 2 days of shooting in different locations including the Agafay desert and we were lucky enough to find some camels and very courteous locals who still offered us their traditional tea.

This was a year full of surprises and I believe it was the year I traveled the most, only in the last 2 months I visited 8 countries. Much gratitude to be always traveling and meeting genuine and cordial people.

Let me know what you think about the photos :) I just love it!

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Jackie :)



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