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My Burning Man 2015

"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been. And have the feeling that I am just coming back" 

An annual festival that involves art, self-expression, self-sufficiency and the basis of the whole event and what makes it so special: "love."

I was privileged to have participated in this festival - which is unique in the world; for the first time- and I'm already counting the days for next year. The event takes place in the desert - Black Rock City - Nevada - United States. 70,000 people from different parts of the world living in a community created by the people all practicing love and companionship.

I felt at home! I practically live this way, I love to wear different clothes in my daily life, respect others, nature and the  love as my basis for everything I am and do. The experience at Burning Man teaches you a lot, makes you understand that you are not alone here: we need each other, we need to value what really matters, we need the people, food and water. Yes, water! Without it we are nothing ...

Climate change makes you understand the power that nature has. For me, the most wonderful thing in the Burning Man was able to wake up and watch the sunrise with all its magnificence, illuminating the desert with golden rays that looked like a painting or even a vision in 3D. 

I'll never forget the sand storms that took me by surprise when I was cycling at night, in the darkness: I could see only 20cm in front of me! I was certainly feeling a bit scared  but at the same time, it gave a sense of power. It was as if nature was challenging me ... will face? Yup! At the end I had no other way out. The storms during the day also did not allow you to see anything but the movement that the wind did; It was it felt much like a choreography with nature that had great intensity. Even after my whole body was covered in dust I wanted nothing more than to repeat it again another thousand times!

My whole experience was perfect, which made it feel even more magical was the camp where i was staying., "Red Moon". Guy Laliberté founder of Cirque di Soleil) brought together a group of people (more than special) from all over the world who came into my life and will remain forever. Red Moon created the "Burner", a restaurant in the desert very charming, with a wonderful chef preparing food almost 24 hours a day to feed not only the camping members but all who passed by. Is there Karma better than this? People lined up to be able to taste that delicious food and enjoy the ambience of the restaurant.

We Received - We Share - We Love.

Thanks to Red Moon family for this so very special moment. 

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