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My Burning Man 2016

This year it was even better than last year. Both times I've been there were special, but I think this time it was even more if possible. I realized that I did not get to go to Burning Man for a simple coincidence but that it chose me. The energy of this place attracted me there and now I consider it my home. With all my short life experience and including all my travels, there isn't a place like Burning Man for me. I had to set a goal of my life that I will go every year (possible). I can imagine myself being 60 years old with my Afro hair, which I hope it will already be white, dancing in the Playa. The burning man for me is not just a festival but a lifestyle, a school, a parallel universe where the only rule is to be yourself, free of the patterns that society imposes on you. A utopia, my private universe that is being shared with more than 70,000 people who disconnect from this outside world and they connect inside, turning into one energy. Energy that vibrates and shows the basis for everything in this world: Love!

As a good arians girl I decided to go last minute, and it seemed impossible, but when something has to happen everything manifests. My friends are so wonderful that they managed to find me tickets missing just a few days before start. Thank you Naima! Sometimes things without planning are much better than the ones you plan, but next year I want to arrange everything in advance. To travel from Europe for some people can be tiring, expensive, a lot of luggage, but I can assure you that it's very worthwhile. If burning man would be twice a year I would consider to go twice, because it is worth every euro invested to be in this place so unique that only those who participate once can understand.

The energy that follows me since the beginning of this trip was wonderful and divine. Many things that were certain to happen and did not succeed such as leaving Europe with extra luggage of 10kg and not be charged, travel within the United States with a airline allowing only 18kg and my suitcase that had 30kg and not be charged in two different airports ... these are details that we can see the direction our lives are taking, or rather the way we are giving her. With my friend Patricia we left  Europe and we went to Los Angeles for a few days and we were very well hosted by a friend called Rachel that connected us with friends in Reno - Nevada and once again we were very well received with much love for Noah. We had time who to do our  last shopping before the burning man and even won a bike :) A wonderful couple took us (back home), to Black Rock City, where this festival takes place.  When things happen, like magic all the time, you can recognize that the energy you are giving to life is pure. Action, reaction = Karma. That was my mantra of last year and continued to be like that this year as well. 

I receive. I appreciate. I share. I Love.

This year I was part of the camping Caravan of Light. There is no better name to describe each person who was there. Each of them were very special, filled with good energy and love. 

Each year I think the experience will only improve. This time it  was 425 times (like Patricia used to say) better than last year. I believe that the second time you already have an idea and even if you think the experience will be the same you are wrong, there are always a few surprises to amaze you.

Everything is so wonderful that sleep becomes to be a boring thing, you do not want to sleep because it feels you are losing part of the adventure that is burning man. One night with  Paty  we were so tired that while we waited on our camping on a car for a few minutes and we fall asleep there, it was so deep that when someone woke us up we didn't know what was happening and we went to our tent and ended up sleeping all night long, we woke up at 5 in the morning, took our bikes and went straight to the Playa. It looks like I'm crazy saying this but just being there to know how sad it is to wake up and know that you slept at the wrong time and lost several adventures. Yes adventures! In the burning man you do not go to a party or go out for a walk/cycling you will make a adventure as I refer to everything I do there. Sunrises with mesmerizing colors and all the magic that builds, good music, the sculptures of art scattered everywhere and people expressing themselves  through wonderful and super creative costumes, people who came from different parts of the world vibrating the same energy and celebrating every moment while they are there. Is not an adventure? With Paty we had a mission after that day when we were tired at night time we will take a nap wherever we found a place, not only in our camping, the other campings  were also privileged with our 3 hour naps lol, it is enough because we will have time to rest when we’ll be old, life has to be harnessed and burning man you have to multiply.

Many people think that there is just parties, but they are wrong, the variety of things that you have to do 24 hours is amazing, I feel like I was in an amusement park and there are attractions for adults and children as well. The giant art sculptures make me feel I’m in a fantasy world, wait … but it is!! :) This year the thing I was most impacted was  the cinema, yes! That's right. A theater with capacity for 22 people at a time, you watched the 20 minute  “film” lying on the floor. It was a movie somewhat hallucinogenic, something I had never seen. The acoustics, the images, the message that I will not say here, you’ll have to go there to see. :) The fact that the cinema screen is the ceiling of the  tent and in circular shape, have a similar effect of  3D that made me move into the film. 

The weather was wonderful compared to last year, the nights were not so cold but in compensation the days were much warmer. Sandstorms continued, you can see from my photos most of them I am completely covered in dust. And I love it!

Radical self-expression is my favorite principle (The 10 Burning Man principles) as best I express myself more free I am. And for me there is no better definition  for the word life than “freedom”. Undressed  the soul to the world without worrying about what others will say. That's what I've been learning from the burning man.

For the first time I experienced a kind of meditation that led me to a start levitation ever forget. This was one of the moments that marked my BM and my life. The strength that we humans possess goes beyond what we can imagine. Why not disconnect this superficial world and come back a little to our origins? And see others as brothers and sisters not as a threat or competition?

We can not forget that we are energy, and energy is not created or multiplied alone, the more we give more received. It is this interconnectedness that keeps us alive. And this year for me this was burning man. Connections. I met wonderful people. And the more I know about people more I know about myself. Each of us has a universe with infinite possibilities and only when we connect with our inner being in the release to be what we really are.

From now on I will celebrate  my new year just after the burning man. That’s when I burn my fears, ego, indifference leaving my essence and my soul. Maybe you’ve never gone to burning man but I can give you some advice, when this festival will show up in your life, through friends or any publication that you saw on the Internet receive it as a sign and pack the bags and go . Do not think about money, think about life time you spend working. And what is to spend this lifetime without being able to give up personal taste that will make you magnify all your knowledge about yourself and life. The burning man made me open several doors inside of  me for multiple horizons. Come to burning man :)


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