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My Burning Man 2018

Third Burning Man successfully completed!

Art, music, people of different cultures, ages and breathtaking feelings are the things that impress me most there. A magical world with lots of color, positive energy and radical self-reliance  that is one of the 10 principles of Burning Man and one of my favorites. This leaves people free of patterns that end up disconnecting us from our true selves  and  this is why this  temporary community is so incredible.

This year I was only for able to attend for 5 days because I've been working on a project that I'll be launching soon. I truly believe we should all learn how to separate the work from the fun. This year was special because I went with my boyfriend and we met at Burning Man 2 years ago, lots  to celebrate. I even got to be a designer, I have created and  made all of my outfits, hats, head pieces and more, all this in less than 10 days. And best of all on the search for tickets at last minute as always we end up getting a gift ticket officially from Burning Man tell me, how cool is this?

I stayed at the camping I Orbot that took to the Playa one of my favorite arts piece - I Orb. It was created by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, it was gift to stay at he's camping. I arrived at the evening in Black Rock City and once again was welcomed with a dust storm and when the dust settled down this was the first art I saw and my heart literally burst with joy, it was like seeing another planet very close to me plus the waning moon in the sky and all the art cars around with their flashing lights then,  I just confirmed: Yes, I'm on another planet!

Feeling gratitude is truly the only way for expressing what I feel about being able to participate in an event that is so incredible. Just by going there you will understand the magic, magnitude, strength and release that is Burning Man.


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