• Jackie Almeida

Nature is Speaking

This is a collection of my favorite 2016 inspiring videos. An invitation to the human race to listen to nature.

We as humans, inhabitants of planet earth, are here as visitors, hosted by Mother Nature. Which essentially gives us life. The fact that you are here now breathing is one of the "little things" we can only do because nature allows us to do. What about us? What are we offering her? You need to be aware that nature is always evolving.

Inspire yourself and review your attitude in the matters pertaining to the preservation of our planet, I ask myself: Which side are you on? Just like us and all the lives that inhabit the planet earth are part of nature. What chose to do or not do to preserve it could lead to the cause of our own extinction.

The message of nature to mankind is simple:

"Nature does not need people. People need nature."


"If you free your mind of what disturbs

 your soul, you gonna walk in this world

free of everything that can stop you

from being yourself."


© 2019 by JACKIELAND