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New York Bans Plastic Bags

When I found out that NY Plastic Ban started I wanted to cry with joy. This is so wonderful! This year I am very nostalgic as I will be celebrating the 15th year anniversary of my career. 15 years traveling the world with 10 years as a vegan which has given me a better understanding of the process of life. 10 years ago when I was considered an oddity because I was vegan and everyone said it was a waste of time to dedicate my time to environmental issues, I simply reaffirmed: Everything takes its time to happen. Human evolution takes time but people are awakening slowly and the higher powers that be are waking up.

I wanna be part of a generation that cares about our planet and makes the necessary changes and bring solutions.

Be a part of the solution, not a part ot the polution.

Jackie :)

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