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Nice To Meet You Lisbon

Last week I have been in Lisbon for work. There, I had the free time to visit the city and to fall in love with her. Lisbon has a wonderful architecture, the streets are very clean, safe and not too expensive compared to other cities in Europe. The wonderful weather with very blue sky and few clouds make the city even more beautiful with a light that looks unreal. Before going to Lisbon I have only heard negative things about the city and the people there. Now, that I got to know a little more of them it turned out, once more, that we can not rely on the opinion of others when it comes to traveling. I found the people very friendly and genuine to my point of view and I was treated very well. Also, I always believe that life itself is like a mirror, if you offer kindness receives kindness. The night of Lisbon on weekends are super fun. Many bars with different types of music and people for all around the world.

To travel is to discover that many people are wrong about other countries. A destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

​Check out here some pictures of my short experience in this city that just went on my favorite list.

Thank you Lisboa :)


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