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Nothing is Permanent -Except Change

Who are you? This will always be a question that can cause discomfort for some people. Tell me who you are without having to mention your name, what you do, where you come from, or what you like ... I would say that I am a human being on process of evolution, as simple as that.

Living in evolution, change is inevitable. Change in Latin is Mutare change places, transform, replace... And that is one of the most fantastic things about being human. - Have the ability to travel through ourselves and to always find different versions constantly. Do you know that feeling of returning to a place that you have been after a long time and feel like you are at home? That is self-knowledge.

I was vegan for 10 years! And as soon as I completed these 10 years in July 2020 of strict veganism I started to question myself, what I was representing, feeling and the idea of belonging to a group, and I noticed from my experience that it was like being in a box that condemns anything that is different from what determined it to be a lifestyle. For my evolution I needed to go through this, but today I see things differently and I understand that it is what I feel and vibrate in my energy that makes the difference not to which group I belong to. I am still nature lover, 99% of my food is still vegan but if the time comes to eat some seafood I will not be deprived, I travel all over the world and I will never forget a moment in Bhutan that I went to eat at a local home and the woman prepared a feast to receive me and I refused it because it was not vegan and for that humble lady who made a cheese at home without any knowledge of what veganism is. The same thing happened in Japan while visiting private homes where they offer me their fish which didn’t came from massive production and again I was saying no to people that does not have much to offer then I could feel through the separation between two worlds and that is completely the opposite of everything I feel since I see all human beings as a whole. Then I've been questioning myself. If I believe in unity, that we are all one, how can I be certainof what we should eat? Or have the audacity to often say “I'm saving the planet” lol ahhhh! It feels so good to grow.

I finally understood during one of my self-analysis in the quarantine. If I am a human being going through evolution, change is part of my reality, otherwise I do not evolve. Many people have even told me that my contagious joy came from veganism and that also made me think: no, my constant joy comes from self-knowledge, self-love, acceptance and understanding of life itself! It comes from knowing my essence, from being connected with mother nature in a way far beyond the choice of what I eat.

Today I just want to be what I am, not to belong to any group or ideology. I am no longer attracted to any kind of extremism. Because nothing is permanent, everything changes. I am everything, the animals, you, nature, life! I am the love that dwells in me.

When you come closer to nature them you are not affraid of change.

Jackie :)

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