• Jackie Almeida

Out of Comfort Zone in Israel

It was literally a lottery that led me to Israel. This was my 40th country and it has been on my list of desired destinations for quite a while while. 

Every year, for celebrations like New Year, my birthday and other holidays, I choose places that fill my soul instead of busy places with lots of parties.

Arriving in Israel for the first time without having planned anything was a real mission. Completely out of my comfort zone. Starting the year with an adventure was for me a way to ensure that I don't take anything for granted and to also remind myself that it will be a magical year!

I called my friend Circe and I said: "Let's go to Israel?" - She said: "Yes!" And two days later we were in Tel Aviv... or at least we thought we were there, lol. What we orinally thought as the wrong place to stay turned out to be the right one and actually exactly what we were looking for. During our stay I even caught a cold and couldn't experience the true taste of hummus. But that did not stop me from eating and that's why I travel, Lol. I think the local food and its flavors take me even more deeply to know the culture of each country I visit. But there is also the food that feeds the soul and for that all you need to do is to be open to receiving it. 

When you open up, relax and trust in life, it brings you the best experiences. Wherever I go I will always find magical people who appear from nowhere to be able to give me the best experience. I do not even care when something is going wrong, I try to remain in a state of gratitude!. I think that's why I travel so much. I see everything as a new teaching. I'm here to learn as a student of life.

A country with so much history, people who are absolutely friendly and receptive, and I believe the most honest I have ever known. Everything is so intense and real there because of everything they see and experience over the years, this I believe has taught them to just live more intensely. It's completely normal for them to feel attracted to someone on the street, stop, and ask for the phone number and follow that organic old school flow. Going to Europe and America these things do not happen often. And if it does happen they will ask your Instagram instead of having the courage to talk openly. I love this way of being because I also think like this and sometimes you need to go there in the Middle East to realize that you are not the only one who thinks this way! Israeli girls and guys you Rock!

It was only a few days, and I could only visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and pass through Galilee, although I did not see much there, but just to observe that River and to feel that energy was worth my quickly stop.

Without a doubt Jerusalem was one of the most incredible places I have ever visited and my favorite of Israel so far, I enjoyed it so much that I will have to go back. The energy of this place is really powerful. Imagine all the things that happened in the past and get there and see a mixture of religions, the same ones that cause wars and deaths of countless people and have the feeling of being in the safest place in the world. It was incredible!

I came across the wall of lamentations and felt the pain and despair of many people, religious or not, there giving their orders then by walking just a few minutes and being able to enter the Holy Sepulcher and see with my own eyes the place where Jesus was supposed to be buried, touching those ruins and being able to feel such a different energy, a mixture of love, hate, sadness and joy, a little difficult to explain, but all energy can be transformed and I joined all those sensations and turned into adrenaline . Adrenaline for the new, for the unknown, for learning about new things and going further, and again - getting out of the comfort zone. Detach from the old ME and get to know the new ME and be comfortable with it.

Many people go to spiritual retreats, I realized that in the last 14 years I have lived outside my country, Brazil, and that I have been traveling around the world, I can say that my spiritual retreat is to travel the way I travel. To grow in any aspect you need to go through different experiences and when you are traveling you only multiply. To be born, to grow, to reproduce, and to die doesn’t have to be be a rule. We are human beings and what I understand for this is that we are in constant evolutionary process. The next time you think about disconnecting and thinking about going to a retreat where you will have everything organized, people preparing your food, sitting down to meditate with other people and spending an important sum, I invite you to go further, pick a ticket to any place you want and travel, not as a tourist, but as a viewer, allow everything you see before your eyes to be a documentary of your own life.

Observe more, feel more, listen more and connect more with the places and people, I'm sure your experience will be far beyond your expectations.

You carry within yourself a little of every place you have ever been.

Happy 2019 guys!


"If you free your mind of what disturbs

 your soul, you gonna walk in this world

free of everything that can stop you

from being yourself."


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