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Overcoming My Fears

Fear is one of those feelings that belong in the future that we insist on grasping without it even existing here in the present. Because we are only afraid of the things that "could" happen and we do not know for sure whether they will.

Fear of being yourself stops you from showing your best to the world. Fear of not being good enough for society, family and friends limits your being authentic by closing multiple doors. The fear of failure that makes it impossible for you to take risks. Fear of starting something new that inhibited you from moving forward in life and so on... these are some of the most common fears we face day by day. Why do we nurture all these fears? What is the cause? Have you ever stopped to wonder and analyze your fears and know their origin? I believe that fears in most cases are formed when we are still children, the way our parents educate us is of paramount importance. They are not guilty of all your fears, it would be very easy to say that, but I believe they are partly responsible for some fears today. But, we cannot judge, wait until you have your own children and see how difficult it is to raise them. I do not have a child, but I can only imagine. I believe in the law of action and reaction, also that we all already have our destiny traced, but it depends on us choosing which way to go. Thinking about the past of how your parents raised you and where they went wrong may be an interesting fact to be aware of and not repeat it, but staying there in the past will not help you overcome those fears. Let's focus here in the present. I speak from my own experience, and yes, it is very difficult to overcome fears to be carried out by following your dreams, but we are capable. You just have to take the first step. Face your fears and show them that it is you who has control of your life and the ability to create your future. Yes! Whatever you are doing right now in the present will have results that you will reap in the future, so create something that will make you proud of yourself. Overcoming fear is a delicate and complicated task, but it’s not impossible. Whenever I feel afraid to do something I like to imagine myself in the future, regretting not having done what could be possibly making me afraid and it helps me in losing my fear. Whatever you risk and if you do not do as well as you thought, just be grateful, pay attention to the mistake (lesson) and go to the next chapter. Given that we are here to learn, every mistake and failure is valid and necessary for our growth. Being aware of your fears is important, only then, will you be able to overcome them. Make a list of the fears that keep you from thriving in every sense of your life and burn it. I love doing these things because it's like you're materializing your faith by sending a positive message to your unconscious. Yes! You have to take care of it, sometimes we focus on everything we say out of our mouths and we forget the control center of everything is in our unconscious. We often consider ourselves positive and persevering, but how is your life? If you do not have many good things going on it's time for you to have a conversation with your unconscious, meditation helps. Whatever you're afraid to do, do it with fear. Learn to overcome yourself. Trust in life, there is nothing that happens to you that you are not able to overcome and will still make you grow. Trust your potential. When you are confident of what you want, you send positive energy into the universe and even things that may seem foolish and meaningless to others can be realized and successful for you. Imagine if the person who created the foam floating tube for the pool didn't feel afraid, maybe he would have never created that. Sometimes it is not only the fear of taking the first step. Worst then that is when it comes in double. For example risking and failure. - Oh! What will people say now? I failed. And? The next attempt is going to be better, and if it doesn't, you still have the third through fourth to the fifth ... Why are people's opinion so important to you? I still have fears to overcome, but the fear that I have surpassed now encourages me even more. There will be many people who are there to judge and say that you can't do something. First they criticize, but after they ask you how you did it. It is as certain as 2 + 2 = 4. So do me a favor, do not listen to these people, they are not happy with themselves and I'm sure they envy you because you're risking it and the anger and jealousy can be so big that criticism is their best defense. My own life experience is proof of that. Everything that you see me doing now, modeling and traveling around the world had always been my dream, since I was very little and I always talked to people about it, but confidently, knowing that it will happen and when you are too secure about yourself some people get irritated to the point they arrive to say bad things to make you give up, but inside I had a voice speaking louder and I followed that voice, my intuition that is nothing more than the voice of my soul. Over time I learned that talking about my dreams to people was not that interesting. Nowadays I protect it, one more of my rituals. I'll only say after it has happened, so I do not run the risk of receiving any negative energy. It may sound silly but a lot of people around you may look cool but you'll never know for sure what the real intentions are, so protect your dreams and your magic.


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