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Rediscovering Our Connection

"A sign of human evolution is to act in community and together connect with Mother Earth"

We are currently experiencing one of the most important moments for our society, the universe is making sure we receive the message:

Community: To learn to take care of me, to take care of others and to respect our planet. 

It's about time for us to understand how to coexist on this planet. I’s time to put the best out of ourselves, we need the best part of you to make the change, to make the difference. We haven’t born with only one characteristic it’s time to show your best. Remember you are the reflection of what happens all around you.

There isn’t a more favorable moment than the one we are in where the mandatory idea of isolation (that I prefer to call) a self-retreat or for those who are with their family members' “family-reunion.“

Look at where we have arrived!  Our planet, this universe, and everything that exists here have always been connected, there is nothing that does not happen for a reason, everything comes to transform us.  Pachamama's (mother earth from Inca mythology) incredible energy is really amazing!  And for those who can't see it, I just ask you to look inside yourself.

The expression of cause and effect could never be better explained.  It seems that everything we have done that is destructive to Mother Nature now comes in the form of cleanliness.

"Ah!  But this is a virus that has nothing to do with nature!" you may say or think.   That's where you need to focus on your quarantine and think! Everything that exists is interconnected, you know that phrase, “We are all one”? I think that this is the moment to make you understand the meaning, don't you?

Nature heals and transforms us.

I hope that everything we are experiencing will be appreciated because our planet is wise and is giving us the opportunity to turn inward.  The time has come to transform and as with any transformation that takes place, this will not always be comfortable. You may be asking yourself how? Have you noticed how much of a change happens when we are not around? Here are some facts to deeply look at and realize how our environment is healing and using this current time for its good.

  • Air pollution drops in China after COVID-19 quarantine.

  • Coronavirus: nitrogen dioxide emissions drop over Italy.

  • Venice canals are extraordinarily clean that start to appear dolphins.

It seems the lockdown had an unintended benefit -- blue skies! There is always a good thing on everything and the earth is always speaking for us to hear. Trust me! Change is necessary and we are ready for it.

We need a new, global spirituality — an organic spirituality that belongs innately to all of us, as the children of the Earth.  A genuine spirituality that utterly refutes the moralistic, manipulative patriarchal systems, the mechanistic religions that seek to divide us — that control and oppress us by successfully dividing us.  We need a spirituality that acknowledges our earthly roots as evolutionary and sexual beings, just as we need an ontology that acknowledges earth as a conscious and spiritual being.  We need this organic, global spirituality because we are ready to evolve as a global conscious species.  We are at the point where we must evolve or die. (The Great Cosmic Mother).


Jackie :)


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