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San Luis Potosí Loveliness

When I tell the Universe that I like to travel, it responds to me in the best possible way, always! This time it took me to the state of San Luis Potosí, located in north-central Mexico. I visited Xilitla, Real De Catorce (Pueblo Magico)Ciudad Valles (Tamasopo Waterfalls, Tamul) and finished the trip in San Miguel de Allende - Guanajuato but I will have to go back because this city is simply cozy and full of art.

I did 6 days road trip visiting the most beautiful places. Mother nature will always be my favorite destination and what stands out most here in Mexico is exactly Nature itself! Jungle, desert, waterfalls, "pueblo magico" as they refer here in Mexico to the cities that have symbolic attributes, legends, history, transcendent facts, daily life, that emanate from each of your socio-cultural manifestations.

I met locals who tell their stories just the way they look. Humble people who live their day to day without the worries of the modern world, completely disconnected from what we live out here. They are spectators of scenarios that leave you breathless when seen for the first, second and third time.

Every trip I make I have the energy of as if I were making the first trip of my life. This happens automatically, there are many similar places, and they are all special. Or do I make them special? I think it all depends on us. The more you observe, listen and feel whatever  place, I am sure that magical things will happen, like the connections you make with the people you know on each trip. In this, a synergy occurred between people who until then were unknown and now have become special in my life. People with their dreams creating to make them real.

The best thing about traveling is getting out of your routine, from your comfort zone. The comfort can take you to beautiful and exquisite places but you will never know all the things that this world has to offer you and the natural beauties of our planet. Every day a different hotel, hours and more hours by the road, heat, cold, rain, hicking without shoes to feel the energy from Mother Nature getting into by foots some thorns too and I'm all grateful for that. From gratitude comes happiness and mine is overflowing.

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