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Shooting Around California

When you love your job there is no time limit or distance, you just want to do it in the best possible way and the moment you achieve, the result is rewarding.

On my last weekend I traveled to Los Angeles to shoot and enjoy this city that is one of my favorites, see my friends and have fun. Except that the plan changes completely when this person here decides to squeeze  the time in order to be able to do everything at the same time. I went there only for one shooting  but as the universe works in a magical way they ended up being three, or better saying 3 photographers and 5 different places, more than 2,500km on the road in just three days. It sounds crazy but it was just like that. From one city to another, rushing against time to enjoy the last rays of the sun to be able to have that wonderful light in each photo. I started with a photo shoot in an open-air studio with an architecture I've never been before with the  photographer K Rish. I traveled 3 hours to Solana Bech two hours before sunset, at this time posing for the photographer Brevin Blanch in two different locations, on the street and then  beach. After finishing I only had time to take a shower, eat, sleep because I had  to get up early and travel 3 hours until arriving in some impressive dunes where by the way was filmed  the first Star Wars what I'm a super fan :). I left this paradise and traveled for another 5 hours back to Los Angeles just to sleep and I woke up again for work meetings and when I thought I would be free, the photographer Pascal Heilmlicher, an aries just like me which I had a great connection at the first moment we met  proposed me for a shooting  at the last minute  and already being very tired but not wanting to miss the incredible opportunity to work with him I made to go  into the desert in some more hours on the road to complete these three hard days but energizing  because when I'm doing what I love it's like  having fun. I did not have time to visit my friends or do that basic shopping but I'm super happy to have been able to do everything. I am so excited  to see the results  and to share with you.

Everything you do with love gives you innumerable benefits and only increases your potential so that you can continue to do and receive much more.

Work will occupy much of your life. The best way to feel good about what you do is to choose what you really love and enjoy.

Jackie  ✨

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