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Summer in Mykonos

Last week I took a few days off and I was visiting Mykonos for the first time. One of the most famous Greek islands worldwide.

I have lived in Greece and I am in love with the culture and people. The friendliness and hospitality are definitely a trademark.

I was in love with the old town, the very narrow streets with all white houses  leaving everything with a very special touch. The beaches are beautiful, blue and the sea is transparent. The traffic in the city was also very chaotic, perhaps it has slowed down now, since August it seems is a peak tourist season. Another reason why traffic is bad, is due to the center not having good traffic lights, motorbike people do not wear helmets and many people drive drunk.

Every place is special and each place has its energy. I do not like comparing them of course, but when you travel a lot is kind of impossible not to compare. Mykonos has all natural beauty, but when it comes to energy in my opinion something is missing.

In most places that I visited there, I often found the same kind of people who were buying expensive champagne bottles and all those things that make so that people can get attention or show off. I did not see much essence or quality, only competition. An amazing place to watch, a breathtaking sunset and after that amazing music. All the people were sitting though, it took hours to open the dance floor because no one took the initiative to dance, but as you know me, I of course was dancing;)

I am just sharing my experience with you about my visit to Mykonos as I always do. Each person is a world and each of us have their own taste and things they enjoy.

Traveling is like changing the clothing of the soul, wearing something new and feeling something different. We are the result of our travels.

Thank you Mykonos 


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