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The Power Of Communication

When I refer to communication, I mean the specific sense of the word "communicates the action." Your desire has to be in tune with your way of doing things. You can acquire and get everything you want if you can express yourself well. If your attitude is bad do not expect to get good things. Sometimes words are not necessary, we talk a lot , but we don’t often do things that can make a lot difference, and that is perceive, listen and get connected with others.

I notice these details all time in my daily life. People always want something but sometimes they’re unable to communicate their wishes which is leading them to frustration and failure instead making them turn back or change direction because they can’t see or recognize where and what was the reason of the failure. I don't  want perfection but a good, clear and open communication. That is the gateway to numerous paths of possibilities.

Imagine a world where people are more flexible, patient, willing to listen ... I think the problem starts there. Everyone is in a hurry, they don't  breathe when they speak, they want to put the word in the mouth of the other person while they are speaking, people  considering themselves as  super expert in any subject, they do not want to hear what the other person has to say. And if the other one is rude or unkind it becomes a competition to see who can scream louder.

I do not want to go into details about the communication in a relationship because I believe that about that topic I  could write a book. But I just want to remind you that some people find it difficult to be in a relationship because they don’t know how to properly communicate and they keep finding other excuses to explain their inability of staying in a partnership. Just think about it. If you can't  read and understand your partner's needs and together you can’t build an open relationship of dialogue, your relationship is just one more which will awry. Love is important but without a good communication there is nothing to resist.

Everything  you do with love is more pleasant,  and generate good energy that will spread everywhere. You grow a seed of good things. Many people are always in a bad mood, negative and anxious. I like to say that some people  have "the predictor syndrome" as they can see the future. The other day in a restaurant after having dinner with a colleague I asked a waiter the address of the restaurant, the waiter began to complain saying that the kitchen was already closed. Kindly  I told him not to worry because we were only asking for the address because we wanted to order a taxi and I smiled. He smiled back relieved and his face expression changed. I could have ignored it, or answer it the same way as he did. But no, I prefer to be human and to use my consciousness that distinguishes us from other living beings and contribute an act of kindness to another human being. We have this ability but many forget, sad right?

No matter the languages ​​you speak, if you do not obtain  such qualities as kindness, reciprocity and respect you will not be a good communicator. The gift we have to be able to speak and express ourselves  has not been given in vain. Be the difference! Let's plant seeds of love, spreading kindness and create a chain where eye contact, smile, breathe, "thinking" before speaking, listening and thank, are a normal thing and that our next generation will follow our example so in the future we can live in peace. Especially because this is an act of peace, it is a donation, take care of others and thus it is creating a better world together.

You may have problems to  communicate  and things in your life may not occur in the best way, but you can learn. We are here for that. There is a tool that everyone can use, you were  born already knowing it, it's called a SMILE, I  have already talked about it here on the blog but I keep insisting because it is a really powerful tool. Most people are not interested in understand what you're talking about, they just want to reply, if you can communicate well you conquer the art of communication and only then you  become a leader.

Jackie ☺️

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