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The Power Of Smile

I think my smile is my hallmark. I spend most of my time smiling and laughing out loud. I love to laugh about myself, funny videos, pictures of the internet, and so on, and believe me, also when I'm sleeping I find time to smile. If there is a definition for those who laugh when sleeping please let me know, because that’s me. I think that the saying that when you smile the world smiles back to you is true. When you are smiling, your soul becomes lighter, your connection with people is different, and best of all, smiling is contagious!

Life is too short to be taken very seriously. We should smile more often. According to my own experience I can say that everything can be solved easily when you are serene and calm - and a smile just allows you to do that.  

I was doing a test here in Barcelona, where I had to solve bureaucratic issues in public institutions like banks etc... I experienced a huge difference when I approached people with a "good morning or good afternoon" accompanied with a big smile. I noticed how their expression and vibration changed completely and the bored public servant instantly became thoughtful and patient. Smile created a bridge between two random individuals!

Human beings are short of affection. Everything happens quickly and everyone thinks mainly about their own interest. We demand things, complain and wait for everything to come to our hands easily. In the meantime we forget about good manners and general kindness to people who are always there doing that same job, perhaps for years, having to listen to all kinds of complaints, sometimes even verbal abuse. I’m talking about a public servant, a bank clerk, a porter. Let's talk about all the fine workers in general. How many of these people get a genuine smile? Or an act of kindness? I think not so many. Definitely not enough. 

Smiling is a great tool that truly has the power to make things for the better, to change the world. Do you remember the last time a baby smiled to you spontaneously? This is the feeling that I'm talking about. The vibrational wave that a smile can generate is incredibly powerful.

Begin and end your day with a smile. If you do not have one I'll give you mine.☺️ For you a smile can mean nothing but for the other person could make all the difference. One other thing: it will also make you look much more attractive! Try to smile with the soul, it works as a great affirmation that "all is well." The smile on my face does not mean my life is perfect. It means that I'm enjoying every moment that I have here. I take that extra step. And you should do! It will make life easer for everyone. 

So do me a favour... Smile! Maybe you don't know, but you could be the reason for someone else’s smile today.

Jackie 💗

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