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Under My Naked Body

The other day an old friend told me that it would take a lot of effort on my part to pose naked. I work as a full time model, performing all kinds of work, catalogs, commercials, music videos, and also nude! I love my body and I believe that body is just a dress being the Soul my true being. I do not take my clothes off for popularity or acceptance. I work with professionals and I am very proud of every job I have done, one day I will not have that body anymore so why not remember what I am now in the future :)? But this old friend insisted and asked me if I am not afraid of being devalued by what I do, or that men treat me badly or think I am an object. Guys! No one can devalue me or disrespect me without my permission. I am completely happy for what I am inside and out, for my profession and for all my achievements. Respect begins with myself, self-acceptance, self-love are characteristics that help us release this mask that society imposes on you to place.

It would be impossible to talk about such things without touching social networks, I have been active for years and I would like to thank everyone for their love. During those years I had the privilege of being able to help, inspire and even instruct through my publications and texts. And I thank each one for believing in me. It's really amazing how you manage to capture my message, that's what I feel through your feedback. Remember that life is a mirror? You receive what you transmit. This is how life works and I like to put a rule, do not judge! While many worry about the effect that an an image with a naked body can cause I worry about the "Soul, and if it is naked."

I consider a naked soul when you can be yourself. If you show the world how you are, without being afraid of the consequences. It is accepting every detail of your personality to recognize that there are things to be improved for an evolution. Do not be afraid to share your ideals and accept the fact that you will not always be the same as the rest of the people, but it's okay, it's all really ok! Get rid of the virtual slavery that forces people to be a copy of a patterned model being that we can be millions of different models. Look how nice it is!

I'm extremely tired of puppets created to please most. What is the intention of being one thing if you are actually another? Create a character based on the opinion of others, independent of your true self, when you will remember being yourself, and live intensely thinking of pleasing anyone but yourself? It's time to focus on what your heart can and do not judge people by showing themselves as they are. The fact that you have not yet achieved is not permanent, perhaps a matter of time.

Life is incredible and it goes by so fast, all you can do is live to the fullest and make an impact by its authenticity. Maybe you've spent a lot of time looking at other people's lives and trying to be like them you've gone unnoticed to find just how big you are.

And if the world were blind and you could show yourself as you really are, how many people will like you?

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