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We Are Nature - Women's Day

Women! A gift from the universe. Can you imagine for a second your life without one?  All of our adjectives seem to have been given to us in excess. The love we feel for life, children, husbands, boyfriends, family, work, friends ... and we love in an intense unconditional way sometimes. Nothing that a good dose of self-knowledge educates us for the better. Wisdom, I think all of us at some point in our lives have developed this gift that seems to come from the root and sharpens our forebodings and intuitions. Flexibility, because we adapt to everything and everyone, to this macho society that until today insist on considering us as a fragile sex, that fragility that we do have sometimes, but that we transform into strength and determination when it is necessary.

Woman is nature. We are perfect when we are natural, when we live our real nature and not when we go into boxes and we cancel our desires and attitudes to fit in what "they" would like us to be. When we love and accept ourselves as we are, it does not happen. And we still have the wonderful gift of generating life. Tell me if there is such advanced technology in the world as this?

I have an appeal, girls of this new generation, be more confident, do not want to follow the standards imposed by this terrible society. Value yourself, run after your dreams, study, learn, grow, work (this does not kill anyone). Do not expect someone to give you something, you have the potential to win everything  you want. Do not sell your wishes, dreams, do not sell yourself! I am saying this because it is what I have seen of this new generation. When a woman trusts in herself, she develops a supernatural force that makes any obstacle a step. Being you man or woman, the secret to a life full of happiness and fulfilment is believe in yourself.

As young girls people tell us  that if we do not come from a successful family our only alternative is to marry a rich man to be able to help us. I tell you: the only help you need is your own willingness to break free from these patterns. Those who say this are just people who are living in the automatic, the rubble of society that has given up on their lives and they say that so you give up too.

Many devalue us by our genre. Only by believing in ourselves we can prove the contrary that there is no difference between the sexes. When we get rid of sexist parameters we conquer the world. There was a time when everything seemed impossible but that was in the past today you have your right, make use of the constant struggles that our grandmothers had so that we can have our rights today.

Happy International Women's Day! Jackie 💗

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