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What is the color of your soul?

This video talks about a situation that happened in my country, Brazil. But it  happens all over the world. Brazil is a big country, with most of its population being of black ethnicity  in which I am part of. Unfortunately it is a very racist country. I love my country, but it still has much development left.  I'm not talking about politics, I'm talking about awareness of the human race.

I traveled the whole world, and the places that I suffered of racism were countries with the highest number that had a black ethnicity  population, including Brazil. Actually I do not like to use the word "suffered" because when someone mistreated me by the color of my skin, I did not think of myself as the victim, on the contrary, I felt sorry for the other person, that they had a poor  understanding of humanity, not remembering that under the black color of my skin, we are all exactly the same, with the most important of us being our soul.  In fact,  the only difference between us is that some of us have a "white" soul, meaning a soul filled light and love incapable of judging others by their skin. And others have a "black" soul, dark to the point of not being able to understand that it is not the color of a person that determines what is considered beautiful or ugly, good or bad but the attitude itself of discriminating someone by the color of skin, or to think of them as inferior and not accept their ethnicity. ​ We belong to the human race, there is no one better than another, we are just the same matter, living in this planet in order  to learn about love: ourselves and others. 

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