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What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Everyone is looking for happiness. However,  it seems that most are seeking it within things and materials that they thought could provide happiness. They are so busy trying to find something that makes them happy, and end up not realizing the true essence of happiness.

At the end of the 17th century people thought that happiness was a matter of luck, virtue or divine favor. Today, they think of happiness as a skill that can be developed. Why not abandon this habit of seeking happiness and start feeling it?

When I was asked what I needed to be happy, my answer was: - "nothing, I already have everything!" For me happiness is a state that remains within me. I do not need things, people or material goods to be happy. Happiness to me is to wake up and still be breathing, it is to be here in this life, living, learning, overcoming fears and difficulties, connecting with wonderful souls who can get the best out of me and often some not so wonderful as well, but wisely realizing they are also important for our growth. Maybe it can be extremely positive, but so what? There is no more wonderful thing than being alive.

Happiness  is gratitude. The more you give thanks the more you will have more reasons to be thankful for. Gratitude is synonymous of  happiness, if you are busy thanking means that you are happy, and so you attract even more happiness to your life. Do not waste your energy and your time thinking about how to get what you claim to be your happiness. Be grateful for what you have and for what you are. Time will pass and one day you will find that did not live your life fully. Smile more, have a good relationship with yourself and life. Believe in the natural process of life. The most pleasurable things cannot be bought, just feel the happiness surround you. Sow gratitude, and reap happiness. 

Being happy does not mean being lucky or having a life without problems. If we keep hatred and anger, we will not create a good energy, and we will not have serenity. You may not have all the worldly possessions that refer to happiness. But a quiet mind, zen, it is important to put you in balance to achieve this divine happiness inside. Realize that what you are thinking and speaking you are converting into your reality. Put attention to your thoughts in order to know what is preventing you from being happy.

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Dalai Lama

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