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What Is The Price Of Beauty?

"Sometimes people are beautiful just the way they are."

Physical beauty for many is a fundamental condition. Increasingly society places patterns and trends on what is considered "beautiful" that most people can not follow. That’s where the frustration arises and where acceptance and self-love disappears. 

The idea that we are all different is there for a reason. It would be impossible to follow  the requirements of beauty when each of us present different physical characteristics, but unfortunately, most people do not think about all of these factors when it comes to what is considered beauty or being an individual.

I'm not here to judge what is considered beautiful or ugly. I want to share my point of view, an outburst actually. What is the price one pays for being considered  beautiful?

Everyone thinks that being physically attractive is a paradise. However, It is all not sunshine and roses. Working as a model,  means having my life being more exposed than others, it is easier to be pointed at, criticized and even judged. I'm always listening to that phrase: Wow! you are beautiful, and yes, and also cool.

I've had problems related to my physical appearance. People that didn't know me before, automatically create a personality that has nothing to do with mine, based on my look. And to invent rumors and gossip about my personal life. Not to mention the men who do not know me, and in the first attempt force the push the limits of what I allow. I could write a book with the messages I get: "Hi Jackie! I’ve been looking to buy a Rolex, and the store had a very similar girl to you"or even, "I am going to a dinner at a friends  home  who has a collection of Ferrari's" Maybe I’m different from the rest of the women, but cars, watches and expensive brands do not interest me. Quite the contrary.

It is very sad to live in a society where people are slaves of the aesthetic market and moreover discriminate who they even consider attractive. It's not the fact that a person is beautiful  has to be boring, greedy or evil to tell you what their true character is really like.

Yes, the Character! For me, the true essence of beauty starts there. We should devote more time to enjoy it. Do not judge. Look. Listen. Get to know people  for what they are. Feel the essence and energy of each, and at the end you will realize that we are all beautiful if we can express ourselves being ourselves.

The outer beauty is a reflection. At the end you will realize that what really matters is what comes from within.

Be your own kind of beauty.

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