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With Love Bali

I will always get excited about everything I am about to find wherever I go. While visiting Indonesia for the second time, I realized here how along every step of the way through this wonderful country my soul vibrates. Is that the reason why I'm so happy?

This time I had the opportunity to meet new places. I boarded to the Gili Islands and it was love at first sight. If you are looking for a place for total connection with nature and disconnect from the world then this is the place. Gili Meno was my first stop and it is truly heavenly. Gili Air was my favorite, Air in Bahasa means Water, this island was named after the wealth of drinking water. The sunset there is stunningly magical. With the low tide between the seaweeds that predominate in the sand until it resembles a picture in 3D.

After falling in love with the Gili Islands, I visited Lombok. It is a larger island and obviously with more tourists, so I did not want to spend much time there, but it was enough to delight me in the waters of  Sendang Gile. 3 hours of hiking the way I like - barefoot - to feel the energy of the earth, I had the pleasure of doing this tour with a local who told me about his love for his country and the sadness of seeing how the inhabitants and visitors do not care for preservation of the environment. He  stopped all the time to pick up trash that people left on the way. 

Leaving the island of Lombok I went to Nusa Islands Lombongan and Ceningan where you can go from one island to another just by crossing a bridge. I found these islands more commercial but still managed to find attractive places to my taste and to be able to feel the vibe.

Continuing this adventure I came across the vegan delights in several restaurants and cafes in Canggu. It's a bohemian area with a lot of style and cool people.

And to finish my trip I went to one of my favorite places when I visited Bali for the first time, Ubud which has incredible energy, Indonesia is pure positive energy but Ubud is in the center of Bali so it is a lot of jungle and depending on your level of spirituality closer to nature, I noticed that I  stayed more relaxed and felt closer to God. 

I live each experience as if it were the first and last time and that makes all the difference. I have no doubt that I will continue to travel but the intensity that I put in my experiences is always very deep.

I'm taking with me from Indonesia the contagious smile of the people, the flavors of the exotic fruits, the memories from the beaches, the shivering wildlife... 

My only obligation here in this mission that I call life is to live and I feel I’m doing it well. 

Saia tinta Indonésia 🌺


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